Double LP and series of performances © 2019 Ruby Tingle

In the Mirror with Me, Berlin 48 Hours Neukölln 2018

No Such Thing Live (with Dirty Freud) CLUB BIG Liverpool 2019

A Portrait with Salamanders, PAPER Gallery Manchester 2019

Split in two halves, No Such Thing documents the artist's period of self rescue and recovery after trauma; drawing from themes of duplexity, the monstrous and the changing urban landscape around us, all of which have contributed toward a transformation. In the Mirror with Me formed a living multiple portrait of the artist set in a mirror installation, where the audience were invited to participate; their passing reflections making up fleeting and unnatural images in the space. A Portrait with Salamanders sat between the living and the tableau, the artist and her pet axolotls placed in a scene inspired by the album- the salamander's ability to regrow body parts makes it a real life hydra, thus becoming a symbol of regeneration throughout the work. 

Urodela Hydra - Ruby Tingle
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© 2019 Ruby Tingle