LAGOONS (2022)

Public gallery exhibition at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery 2022, draws together the Museum’s herpetology collection and Cabinet of Curiosities Gallery through collage, music, film, installation , scent and performance to explore the preservation of amphibians and reptiles. Inspired by these species links to the monstrous and mythological, work has been drawn from the museum’s Spirit Store, Prehistory gallery, Palissy-ware objects and painting ‘Daughter of the Lagoons’ to create interventions which look at these animals’ extraordinary nature in folklore and reality. Anthropomorphic characters were present in the gallery just as reptiles creatures would have lounged around the desert and salt lakes of Prehistoric Warrington. Collaborators include Simon Woolham, Holly Rush, Left Winter, Martin Lewsley, Dirty Freud, Steven Calver, Amphibian Foundation, Turtle Survival Alliance and Professor Stephen Asma.  

Manchester Jazz Festival Originals Commission 2022. Live Performance at the Fountain of Barbirolli Square.// Works on paper exhibited at A Modest Show/ Drawing in breathing Out at Rogue Artist Studios Manchester. Inspired by Manchester’s relationship with water both decoratively and industrial, Ruby composed six new songs which trace the canals and water features of the city, weaving her own mythologies and personal experiences into a new set of stories featuring gargoyle fish, journeys to celestial pools and bird people stalking the urban canals. Collaborators include Dirty Freud, Jonoa, KINRAR, and Steven Calver fusing electronica, swing jazz and her own ethereal progressive style, creating a unique sound which captures the bleak and romantic nature of a city’s fountains.



Single and exhibition as part of a A Modest Show 2022 at Paper Gallery in collaboration with No Such Thing Records, exploring Ruby’s connection to spirit animals, constellations and the colour red, inspired by time spent at her local nature reserve at sunset over the last year; A new song and series of collages are inspired by regular sunset and twilight experiences at the artist’s local wetlands, connecting to forms that exist there physically, spiritually and as constellations in the night sky. These visions have been consumed and reimagined as ‘familiars’ or spirit animals and invented celestial symbols, explorIng her mystical and astrological relationship between animals and herself set in a new love story; a sensory mapping of spaces to form our own personal connections to nature. Collaborators include producers Rookes, Daisy P and KINRAR with scent by Steven Calver.