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Audiovisual Artist and Performer

Represented by PAPER Gallery and No Such Thing Records


Bluedot Dirty Freud

Lagoons Solo Exhibition/ EP, Warrington Museum & Art Gallery

Flora Victorious  Venture Arts/ PROFORMA, Venice Biennalle

Fountainia Manchester Jazz Festival Originals Commission

Familiars Solo exhibition/ Single, PAPER Gallery/ A Modest Show

Meet me in the Real Dirty Freud, Manchester Jazz Festival

PAPER After All Touring Exhibition, Royal Cambrian Academy/ Saul Hay


Into a Light Exhibition Saatchi Gallery, London 

Glastonbury Festival Dirty Freud 

Berlondon Jägermeister  Night Embassy Berlin

Floronic Performance/ Video 48Hours Neukölln

Love letters to a Red Rose Dirty Freud, The Harris Preston

Love in the Backwater Dirty Freud  EP/ music video, Modern Sky

At Our Still Lives Poised Exhibition, Axel Orbinger, Berlin

Not Quite Light Night, The White Hotel Salford

In the Mirror with Me Performance, 48 Hours Neukölln Berlin

Like the Lines of a Hand Exhibition,  Centre for Recent Drawing London

Nile Chorus Performance,Manchester Museum

Ermine Solo exhibition, Chethams Library Manchester

Line and Fold Exhibition, Art Basel Switzerland

Buddha of the Bathroom Performances, Manchester Art Gallery 

The Land Is Solo show, performances PAPER Gallery, HOME Manchester

The Manchester Contemporary with PAPER Gallery 

Menagerie in Blue Performance/ OST,  sluice__ London

GM Arts Prize Award



Ruby’s practice is primarily concerned with the reconstruction of familiar forms to present and document the extraordinary as authentic. A variety of media including paper cut outs, the readymade, animal matter and sounds are collected, manipulated and reassembled to create new ambiguous forms as works on paper, performances, installations, films and pieces of music. These collages aim to present an unnatural history with it’s own folklore, where the boundaries between cryptozoic speculation and scientific evidence are obscured. A fascination with water, particularly wetlands habitat and herpetology roots her material and conceptual investigations. By placing herself within her work, Ruby creates fleeting self portraits which allow for a vicarious existence. Here she is able to document different aspects of her ‘Self’ and embellished accounts of personal experiences, set within her own invented myths. Her music mixes elements of natural sound, high range celestial vocals and inventive  electronic instrumentation to produce original and  dreamy, experimental ‘music from the swamp’.


Local Sound Focus "Totally mesmerising... beautifully complex music... it's electronica with a soul" 

"Louder than War "Let the watery ambience soak through you and you will find yourself singing the chorus in the shower for weeks"  

Lagoons EP Review

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