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Ruby Tingle is an award winning audiovisual artist and performer represented by No Such Thing Records and PAPER Gallery. Her practice reconstructs the readymade and familiar into the fantastical, with an aim to present unnatural histories, dreamworlds and new myths which blur the lines between science and cryptozoology. 


Expanded collage spans performance, installation, sound, music, work on paper, video, writing, sculpture, costume and interventions with museum collections; Tingle works collaboratively to create large scale multisensory works and immersive exhibitions which incorporate scent, live roaming elements, audio and curated temporary displays.  A fascination with water, wetlands habitat, herpetology, the botanical and the curious or hidden in nature roots her material and conceptual investigation; combining real reptile skins, bones and textured fabrics with found plastic and other synthetics, to highlight the entwinement of these in anthropogenic times.

Performance and fashion are used  to place herself at the center of her own myths, drawing on musical cinema, scifi, gothic horror, ultra feminine vintage style, and personal reverie to live out her authentic swamp princess ‘persona’ and create fantasy narratives and images which flit between grotesque and dreamy. She designs anthropomorphic costumes for performers and artists to adopt as their own characters, frogs and turtles- intervening with the public  as life size hybrid creatures, and acting as wetlands ‘mascots’ to blend conservation and live art. 


Tingle’s music mixes electronica and natural sound with nu jazz, dance, experimental and avant garde pop; her ethereal high range vocals combined with her lush and intriguing lyrics tell stories of giant bird men, celestial pools, glasshouse flirtation and steamy tropical paradises full of ancient lizards and monster bridegrooms. She produces hyper romantic and dreamy love songs- her lagoon fantasy world extending into audio to make ‘music from the swamp’. 

Selected Works & CV Afterlife at The Whitaker Museum & Art Gallery (Funded by Arts Council England) 2023 ​ Fountainia Manchester Jazz Festival Originals Commission/ EP 2022/2023 ​ The Cutting Table Exhibition Leeds Arts University 2023 ​ Objects Exhibition Axel Obiger Berlin 2023 ​ Lagoons Solo Exhibition & EP at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery 2022 ​ Flora Victorious at Venice Biennale 2022 with Venture Arts & PROFORMA ​ Familiars Solo exhibition, single, performances at PAPER & SOUP for A Modest Show 2022 ​ Paper After All Touring group exhibition at Royal Cambrian Academy 2022 ​ Floronic Video and performance commission for 48 Hours Neukölln 2021 ​ Into a Light Group exhibition at Saatchi Gallery 2018 ​ Ermine Solo exhibition & performances at Chetham's Library 2017 ​ ​ ​ DIRTY FREUD EPS 2019-2023//  The Villain in Someone's Story/ Meet me in the Real/ Love Letters to a Red Rose/ Love in the Backwater   ​ The Glasshouse (2024) Future Echoes Festival Sweden (2024) New colossus Festival New York (2023) factory international showcase (2023) Bluedot (2022) the harris museum (2021) Night embassy berlin (2019) glastonbury (2019) ​ ​ 'Ruby’s sound is as unique as it is engaging… Worthy of Danny Elfman comparisons, the mix of cavernous reverbs and haunting operatic backgrounds aids Ruby’s excellent storytelling…begs full immersion in order to experience the breadth of the artistic vision at play' NECESSARY OUTLET  ​ 'One of the most exquisite tracks you have ever heard....transports you to a celestial realm of enchantment...Prepare to be spellbound...' LOST IN THE MANOR  ​ 'Totally Mesmerising... beautifully complex music... it's electronica with a soul' LOCAL SOUND FOCUS ​ 'Let the watery ambience soak through you can you will find yourself singing the chorus in the shower for weeks' LOUDER THAN WAR ​ 'Soaring beat-driven melody puncturing the shadowy darkness…Songs of moody soulful blues, urban beats and atmospheric electronics..' THE FOURDRINIER ​ ​ ​ ​

Ruby Tingle Afterlife
No Such Thing Records

Ruby Tingle Afterlife

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